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BBD Establishes CPA Exam Loan Program For All Employees

BBD is excited to announce our new CPA Exam Loan Program.

study_CPA_ExamThis new Loan Program will provide all BBD employees who have not yet earned their CPA licenses with interest-free loans to cover the costs associated with CPA exam review courses.

“Earning your CPA designation demonstrates an important commitment to the public accounting profession,” said Bridget Flanagan, BBD’s Recruiting and Human Resources Director. “We want all of our current and prospective firm members to be able to make this commitment and gain the level of technical expertise that comes with having a CPA license,” Flanagan added.

The firm understands that taking a review course doubles your chances of passing the exam, but we know that enrolling in a review course to help prepare for the CPA exam presents a significant financial burden to firm members. Our new Loan Program addresses this challenge.

In addition to our new interest-free CPA Loan Program, BBD will continue its longstanding tradition of awarding bonuses to employees who pass the exam within the first three years after college graduation.  This bonus program has been active for more than a decade at BBD. For full passage of the CPA exam within one year of graduation, BBD firm members receive a $6,000 bonus; for full passage within two years, a $4,000 bonus; and for full passage within three years, a $2,000 bonus. The new CPA Loan Program will allow participating employees who successfully pass the exam prior to full repayment of the loan to deduct the loan balance from their bonus.  

Together, the CPA Loan Program and the CPA Exam Bonus Program confirm our continued commitment to our profession and dedication to the professional development of our firm members.

“We want everyone who works with us at BBD to have the opportunity to pass this critical exam, and we believe offering this loan will help,” said Mike Boyle, BBD’s Managing Partner. “For me, earning my CPA license at a young age showed that I was serious about my career and helped me excel faster.”