• Life at BBD

    BBD is a unique firm! Hear from some of our people about why BBD has been named a Best Place To Work by the Philadelphia Business Journal for the past six years!



Here at BBD, we believe strongly that choosing a career in public accounting is about more than just doing a job.  It’s about more than passing the CPA exam, more than the deadlines, busy seasons, and making partner.

Choosing a career in public accounting puts you in a unique position of trust.  The public relies on the work we do each day.  They rely on our integrity, objectivity, independence and professionalism.  We never forget the importance of this trust.  What we do matters.

At BBD, you will find that your contributions matter from your very first day. They matter to your team, they matter to our partners, they matter to our clients, and they matter in our community and our world.

Do you want to work for a firm that sees you as more than just a number, that values your contributions from your first day?  Experience the more, the difference of working with BBD.

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