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The SEC's New Derivatives Rule: Understand the Significance For Your Funds 

In BBD's latest webcast, John Braun and Cory Stewart teamed up with Karen Aspinall from Practus and Terry Gallagher from UMB for a dynamic discussion about The SEC's New Derivatives Rule: Understand the Significance For Your Funds.

The Rule is effective February 19, 2021 for all registered funds, including mutual funds, ETFs, closed-end funds and business development companies, with a compliance date of August 19, 2022. While the final Rule offers a more than 400-page comprehensive framework for funds utilizing derivatives, management and Boards of funds not employing derivatives, or utilizing them on a limited basis, still should be aware of the impact of certain key points of the Rule.

The Webcast included considerations from the auditor, legal and administrator perspectives.

We invite you to view a replay of the live Webcast for an engaging panel discussion and to help you to navigate potential impacts to your funds.

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