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Featured News: BBD Not-For-Profit Group Adds Partner and Manager From Philadelphia Office of EisnerAmper

No other CPA firm in the Philadelphia market has committed to the audit and tax needs of the not-for-profit community like BBD.

steve_glueck_kim_grossman_cpaBBD, LLP, recognized as one of the 25 largest CPA firms in the Philadelphia area by the Philadelphia Business Journal, today announced an expansion in the firm’s Not-For-Profit Group with the addition of partner Steven M. Glueck, CPA and manager Kimberly A. Grossman, CPA from the Philadelphia office of EisnerAmper’s Not-For-Profit Services Group.

“No other CPA firm in the Philadelphia market has committed to the audit and tax needs of the not-for-profit community like BBD,” said Adam Watson, one of the partners-in-charge of BBD’s Not-For-Profit Group. “With the addition of Steve Glueck and Kim Grossman to our already substantial Not-For-Profit Group, we have created a truly unique audit and tax resource for not-for-profit organizations in the Philadelphia area. Steve and Kim join a group of 20 audit and tax professionals, led by three partners, who serve, exclusively, our 150 not-for-profit organization clients. The professionals in the Group are not working with not-for-profits in an off-season or when they are not busy with clients in different industries. They are working with these organizations every day of the year.”

The mergers of several local and regional CPA firms into national firms in the Philadelphia market have created a vacuum of truly specialized audit and tax resources for not-for-profit organizations, particularly middle-market organizations.

“I joined BBD because I wanted to find a firm that cares about serving not-for-profit organizations the way firms did before the merger trend came to Philadelphia,” said Steven Glueck. “I’ve experienced first-hand that middle-market not-for-profit organizations are often the forgotten clients in these mergers. They see significant fee increases, low levels of partner attention, a lack of local decision making, and disruptive audit and tax team turnover as it becomes increasingly clear that the larger firms’ priorities do not include the not-for-profit community. At BBD, I’ve found a firm that prioritizes partner-level involvement, continuity of service teams, and a cost-effective fee structure. And without the distractions and demands of a national office, BBD can continue to develop and expand resources for middle-market not-for-profits.”

BBD’s significant commitment includes a depth of resources that enables each of the Group’s professionals to further specialize within the not-for-profit arena.

“Not all not-for-profits are the same,” said Watson. “Organizations should work with an auditor who truly understands the complexities of their corner of the not-for-profit world. We are in a unique position to provide the audit and tax experience that not-for-profit organizations should expect and deserve.”

“I have worked on both sides of the audit process for 25 years,” said Glueck. “I know the CPA firms in this market, large and small, that serve not-for-profit organizations. No one can fill the current not-for-profit audit and tax void quite like BBD. I’m thrilled to join BBD so that we can bring our exceptional audit and tax resource to an even greater number of organizations in the Philadelphia area.”

Glueck joins partners Adam Watson and Ronald Scaramuzza in leading BBD’s Not-For-Profit Group. Grossman joined BBD on August 10, and Glueck will join the firm in September.

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