If you're looking for a cpa firm that knows mutual funds and ETFs, you've come to the right place

BBD provides audit and tax services for approximately 400 registered funds, 
from start-ups to families of more than 40 funds. 

There aren't many accounting firms that provide audit and tax services for more mutual funds & ETFs than BBD.  We work with investment companies across the country and globe of virtually all investment strategies, including various types of equity funds, fixed income funds, balanced funds, alternative strategy funds, multi-manager funds and funds of funds.

Why choose BBD? We staff our service teams with senior personnel with significant fund expertise because we understand that the strength of a day-to-day service team, the professionals who will really perform audit and tax services for your funds, will determine the quality of the audit and tax services and the level of attention you will receive. 

BBD’s senior Investment Management Group members, who are active, hands-on members of all service teams, have worked in the industry, on average, for more than 20 years.

And unlike many firms, teams are staffed at all levels with professionals who serve only the investment management industry. No one on your service team, at any level, serves clients outside this industry.

The strength of our service teams and our deep industry involvement are important elements of our commitment to our clients: Your funds will always be served by a team with significant investment management industry expertise and will always receive the highest level of client service.


BBD Understands the Current Industry Issues and Trends and How Those Issues and Trends Impact Your Funds

We care deeply about serving as a trusted resource for our clients and the industry.  We produce a blog and on-demand Webinars to keep you current.

BBD’s Investment Management Group is also active within the investment management industry, particularly with the Investment Company Institute (ICI).

  • Jim Kaiser, a partner in our Investment Management Group, currently serves on the Independent Accountants Advisory Group of the ICI’s Accounting/Treasurers Committee.
  • Our partners often present at mutual fund conferences on various audit and tax topics. We've most recently presented Valuation and Tax Issues for Funds of Private Funds, Interval Funds, and Private REITs.  Other recent presentations include The Impact of the PCAOB on Audit Firms and Recent Initiatives from the PCAOB as well as How the PCAOB’s Proposed Changes to the Auditor’s Reporting Model Would Impact Investment Companies

Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB)

BBD is registered with the PCAOB due to our firm's work with registered investment companies. Our only public company clients are investment companies.  As a registered firm, we are subject to the same rigorous inspection that is required of all firms that provide audit services for public companies.

The PCAOB completes inspections of our firm every three years, and our most recent inspection was completed in 2020.  The PCAOB’s inspection reports, the most recent of which is dated February 28, 2022, have found no deficiencies in our audit engagements.  Our inspection reports are available for your review.

Services for mutual funds and ETFs include:

Audit and
Audit-Related Services

  • Audits of annual financial statements
  • Assistance with semi-annual reports to shareholders
  • Review of post-effective amendments to registration statements
  • Internal Controls reviews


  • Preparation or review of federal/state income tax returns
  • Preparation or review of federal excise tax returns
  • Assistance with interpretation of sub-chapter M requirements
  • Assistance with or review of dividend distribution calculations
  • Assistance with Year-end Form 1099 and other tax reporting
  • Assistance with analyzing tax ramifications of complex securities transactions

In addition to audit and tax services, our Investment Management Group offers objective insight regarding:

  • Organization of start-ups
  • Selection of form of organization
  • Selecting third-party service providers

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