bbd is not your typical accounting firm

Many accounting firms try to be all things to all people.  Not BBD.  When we say we specialize in an industry, we mean it.  We've worked hard to be a unique, boutique resource for our clients. Our partners and all of our staff work only in one of our distinct practice areas.

When we talk with prospective clients, we often hear frustration about a lack of partner attention or high turnover on engagements.  You'll experience the opposite with BBD.  At BBD, we guarantee that our partners and managers are truly active members of your service team.  Many firms simply cannot promise this high level of partner and manager involvement. We also stress the importance of service continuity for key members of your service team.  With BBD, you won't see a new team on your engagement each year.

Today's trend in public accounting is for firms of our size to merge with large national firms.  Not BBD. We are one of the last remaining independent firms of our size in the area, and we intend to stay that way. We are one of the top accounting firms in Philadelphia as a result of growth, not acquisition. From local decision-making and collaboration to cost containment, this commitment to independence is a value-add for our clients.

Responsibility to the community and the world isn't always a high priority for CPA firms.  But it is at BBD. Paying forward our success to our community and our world is a very important aspect of life here.  Watch our most recent service video to learn more. 

Public accounting has a reputation for being a tough profession.  And it's true, public accounting requires long hours and very hard work.  But at BBD, we have a friendly and open culture and know how to have fun too.  Follow us on Instagram to see what we do when we're not hard at work for our clients.


Public Company Accounting Oversight Board

BBD is one of a limited number of CPA firms in the Philadelphia metropolitan area registered with and inspected by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB).  BBD is registered with the PCAOB due to our firm's work with registered investment companies.  Our only public company clients are investment companies.  As a registered firm, we are subject to the same rigorous inspection that is required of all firms that provide audit services for public companies.

The PCAOB completes inspections of our firm every three years, and our most recent inspection was completed in 2020.  The PCAOB’s inspection reports, the most recent of which is dated February 28, 2022, have found no deficiencies in our audit engagements.  Our inspection reports are available for your review at