Karen A. Pagliarulo, CPA


Karen is a principal with our firm and has more than 25 years of experience serving the investment management industry. 


Karen’s knowledge of the mutual fund industry includes both open and closed-end funds, funds with multi-class structures and funds of funds.

She has conducted both in-house and external mutual fund training seminars, assisted in the publication of a mutual fund newsletter, and remains active in monitoring auditing and accounting issues that impact the industry.

Prior to joining BBD, Karen was a partner in a national registered investment company audit practice.

In addition to Karen’s many years of registered investment company audit experience, Karen also served as a fund accounting manager with a major mutual fund service provider. As a manager for international fund accounting, Karen was responsible for maintaining client relationships; coordinating the interaction between the Transfer Agent, Custodian and Accounting Agent; development of staff; and training of the advisers on requirements of regulated investment companies. Karen also was involved with the start-up of numerous mutual funds as well as the excise tax and 1120-RIC distributions.

BBD has given me the flexibility I need to have a comfortable work and life balance. In the world of public accounting, this is a unique advantage."