Experience Matters

Sure, you know public accounting is a tough profession that requires long hours and hard work.  And you're committed to making a career in this honorable and rewarding field.  But your experience has taught you that in public accounting, you should be able to be more than just a number, and work should be about more than just the number of hours that you bill.

Experience the difference of working with BBD.  

  • At a time when so many of our competitors are merging into large national firms, we're committed to remaining an independent firm with a friendly, open culture.
  • We're committed to helping you balance your work and life.  For example, after a busy stretch for one of our practice areas, all professionals in the practice area were given Fridays off for a month.
  • We know you value opportunities to give back to the community, but it's probably difficult to find time to do that. At BBD, we offer an annual week of service that is sponsored by the firm and that does not count towards your vacation time.  

Does it sound like a firm that is in line with your needs?  Apply online through the Opportunities link below.

BBD Opportunities


Kim Grossman

Kim Grossman, CPA- Manager
"BBD has given me the opportunity to specialize in work with not-for-profit organizations, the practice area I am passionate about, which makes me eager and happy to go to work each day, which, in turn, means I'm putting my all into the work we do for our clients."

Cory Stewart

Cory Stewart, CPA- Partner
"It's an exciting time to be part of BBD. The Investment Management Group has grown exponentially in my time here and we are now entering into the next chapter, expanding our expertise in diverse areas."