10 Key Takeaways From the New Uniform Guidance

Brought to you by the Not-For-Profit Group at BBD. No other CPA firm in the Philadelphia market has committed to the audit and tax needs of the not-for-profit community like BBD. We’ve dedicated three partners and a team of more than 20 professionals to work only on the audit and tax issues important to our more than 150 not-for-profit clients.


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Don't miss these key takeaways:

  • Key effective dates for the New Uniform Guidance
  • Vital single audit requirements
  • Defining factors of low risk vs. high risk auditees
  • Important financial management requirements
  • Necessity of reconciliation of SEFA to books and records
  • Distinction between vendor and subrecipient
  • The fight for your indirect costs
  • The revision of costs principles
  • Stricter procurement standards
  • Tracking required for personal compensation

From BBD's Not-For-Profit Video:

We've been able to make a difference in our clients' lives and in their organizations, and I think that's why I continue to enjoy doing this work."

Ron Scaramuzza
Partner, BBD's Not-For-Profit Group